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Tickets Reservation for State Museums in Florence

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The Accademia GalleryThe Accademia Gallery
Admire the original David (and other Michelangelo's masterpieces) without queuing up! Unforgettable experience...... In the heart of the city, it hosts the examples of paintings and sculptures by the great masters of the Florentine 14th and 15th centuries who have made Florence the capital of art.
Palatina GalleryPalatina Gallery and Modern Art Gallery
Admire two important art collection in the gorgeous Palazzo Pitti without queueing up! Situated in the first great square in the area that the Florentines call "Diladdarno" - beyond the Arno - Palazzo Pitti dominates uncontested by a small hill at the feet of Boboli.
Boboli Garden and Silver Museum
In the architectural and artistic setting of Palazzo Pitti, the Silver Museum gathers precious objects belonging to the collections of the Grand-dukes of Tuscany. The Bardini Garden has an extraordinary view over Florence: its 4 hectares of park between the left bank of Arno river, the Montecuccoli hill and the medieval walls.
Bargello Museum
The palace was built in 1255 on commission of Fazione del Popolo (People Guard) as fortress and arsenal to hold out against noble family of Florence. In 1865 a superb collection of sculpture from the Florentine Renaissance and an assembly of small renaissance bronzes was installed, including works of art by Michelangelo, Donatello, Cellini and Gianbologna. From courtyard you can approach the first room with masterpieces by Michelangelo, "Tondo Pitti" and "Bacco", and many other mythological sculptures. On the ground floor, there are works of art by Cellini and Giambologna, including his "Mercurio (Mercury)" and "Firenze vittoriosa su Pisa
Medici Chapels
The Medici Chapels were built as a personal sepulchre of the Medici family right in the basilica of San Lorenzo, the one considered by the Medici as their private church and located in front of the residential palace in via Larga (presently via Cavour). The works began in March 1520 and were definitely completed by Giorgio Vasari in 1546, after Michelangelo, in 1534, had left Florence directed to Rome.
San Marco Museum
The convent was founded in the 13th century and was enlarged in 1437 by the architect Michelozzo, when Dominican monks from nearby Fiesole moved there invited by Cosimo the Elder who financed the whole rebuilt of the convent with a large sum of money. Consacreted in 1443, this building hosted personalities like S. Antonino Pierozzi, Bishop of Florence, Beato Angelico and later Girolamo Savonarola. Opened to the public in 1869, after long structural and fresco restoration projects, the Museum of San Marco houses the largest collection of sacred art in Florence.
Archaeological Museum
A visit to the Archeological Museum is a trip, a leap through the times of peoples now gone and cultures extinct, but deeply imprinted in the memory of man. Particular information is available to the visitor in each room.
Opificio delle Pietre Dure
The Museum annexed to the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, currently a modern centre specialising in conservation, directly derives from the manufactory for the artistic production and workmanship of semiprecious stones which was officially founded in 1588 by Ferdinand I de’ Medici. The rooms created out of the great hall document works produced in the Grand-ducal Medici and Lorraine periods, whereas the 19th century rooms contain works of the post-Unification period.
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